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Urban Meyer says Ohio State's 77-10 win was 'good, it wasn't great'

Despite a 77-10 win, Meyer isn’t willing to call his offense ‘great’.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Two days after opening the Ohio State football season with a 77-10 victory over Bowling Green, Urban Meyer took to the podium to talk about the young Buckeyes who stood out and how the team is getting ready for Tulsa. There were so many questions about how the young players would react to their first collegiate game in The ‘Shoe, and they answered back in stellar fashion.

The sideline Saturday was filled with alumni new and old, with some of Urban Meyer’s first senior class in attendance to see their former coach take on their Alma mater. Despite it being a Big Ten-MAC matchup, there was a lot to take in from the new and improved offense — an effort that landed J.T. Barrett conference honors as Offensive Player of the Week.

  • J.T. Barrett and Curtis Samuel were named co-players of the game. Champions of the week were Mike Weber, Terry McLaurin — who will play more — and K.J. Hill. Kicker Tyler Durbin was the Player of the Game, and despite all the jokes Meyer makes, he “loves that kid” and applauded his full effort on Saturday.
  • Meyer described the guys as “pretty good” but wouldn’t go much further than that. He acknowledged there were “some disappointments” and went on to explain, “I think Corey Smith should be better than he is.”
  • He went on to mention that there still needs to be improvement with the wide receivers. “We want to play fast, play a lot of people,” Meyer noted, especially at wide receiver on playing 10 wide receivers on Saturday.
  • Meyer gives credit for Barrett’s opener to the number of reps he’s had throughout the spring and camp ahead of the season. Not only is he a veteran, but he knows this is his team and is prepared to lead it.
  • Asked if there were any teachable moments -- especially when you win by 67 — but Meyer scoffed and said there were some great teaching moments. He noted that only one lineman graded out a winner, but no wide receivers earned that honor.
  • On the defensive backs, “I think they did ok”. He acknowledged though that more will be learned after Week 2, as they’ll face “more of a test [this] Saturday”.
  • Meyer said Ohio State expects to lead the conference in rushing this season.

Injury updates

Tracy Sprinkle went down hard during the 2016 home opener, and is expected to miss significant time. He had surgery yesterday, and isn’t even expected to be back for a bowl game.