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Expect another explosive performance from Ohio State against Tulsa

We recap the win over Bowling Green, preview Tulsa, and more.

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Bowling Green v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

On last week’s podcast, Matt Brown and I discussed how we thought Bowling Green could move the ball on Ohio State and at least make it somewhat of a game. Obviously, we were wrong.

We broke down some of the more impressive aspects of the Buckeyes’ 77-10 win, including:

  • The explosive plays on offense, especially through the air
  • The Ohio State pass defense
  • Demario McCall’s standout performance
  • Offensive balance and wanting to play freshmen not being hollow words from Urban Meyer

After that, we discussed this week’s opponent: the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, and more specifically, their very Baylor-esque offensive philosophy. Find out what we think is the key to slowing their offense, and also why we don’t think it’ll be a particularly close contest, anyway.

As a bonus, I shared how my extremely fun night at the Colorado-Colorado State game on Friday night came with consequences the next morning.

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