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Let’s revisit all of our preseason Ohio State and college football predictions

Actually .... We did a pretty good job this year!

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So before the season started, we polled everybody who writes for this website about all sorts of college football questions, from who will rush for the most yards for Ohio State, to who will win the College Football Playoff.

Now that the season is over, it seems only fair to take a look back to see how we did, and either pat ourselves on the back, or shame ourselves publicly for being dumb.

Who will lead Ohio State in rushing this season?

Mike Weber: 83.3%

Actually: Yeah, it was Mike Weber, who picked up 1,096 yards J.T. Barrett was second, with 845.

Who will lead Ohio State in receiving yardage this season?

Noah Brown: 66.7%

Actually: Noah Brown was second, with 405 yards, but it wasn’t especially close. Curtis Samuel led the team with 865 yards. Not one voter predicted that. Whoops!

What true freshman do you think will have the biggest impact this season?

Michael Jordan: 10 votes

Actually: Yeah, it was probably Michael Jordan, who started every game. Nick Bosa had a nice season for himself, too.

Which Buckeye that nobody is talking about will step up to make the biggest impact (non-freshman edition)?

Chris Worley: 3 votes

Dontre Wilson: 3 votes

Marshon Lattimore: 3 votes

Actually: Lattimore seems like an acceptable answer, but the true answer is almost assuredly Malik Hooker.

Which game this season scares you the most?

Oklahoma: 66.7%

Actually: Just two people picked Penn State. Looks like they were right.

What will Ohio State's regular season record be?

11-1: 55.6%

Actually: Hey, how about that! It was 11-1.

How will Ohio State's season end?

First round playoff exit: 10 votes

Actually: Maybe we’re getting pretty good at this after all.

How many Ohio State coaches will leave for other jobs after the season?

One coach will leave: 50%

Actually: Three. Tim Beck is off to Texas, and Luke Fickell is the new coach at Cincinnati. And then, of course, Ed Warinner left to take the offensive line job at Minnesota.

Please list your predicted order of finish in the Big Ten East (Top to bottom)

7 points for a 1st place vote, 6 for a 2nd, etc

Ohio State: 121 points (13 first place votes)

Michigan: 111 (5)

Michigan State: 89

Penn State: 71

Indiana: 47

Maryland: 34

Rutgers: 28

Actually: Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan State, Rutgers. Okay, so we didn’t see Michigan State coming. But neither did you.

Please list your predicted order of finish in the Big Ten West (Top to Bottom)

Iowa: 111 points (7 first place votes)

Nebraska: 102 (5)

Wisconsin: 89 (3)

Northwestern: 76 (2)

Illinois: 44

Minnesota: 63 (1)

Purdue: 19

Actually: Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue. Well, at least we got Purdue pretty well figured out.

What Big Ten team is most likely to surpass expectations this year?

Michigan State: 3

Actually: The answer here is either Penn State or Wisconsin, but in a manner of speaking, Michigan State certainly did too. FWIW, two voters picked Penn State, and another two picked Wisconsin.

Who in the Big Ten is most likely to wildly disappoint?

Michigan: 8

Actually: Michigan State, who got a single vote. Haters, all of us.

Who is your Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year?

J.T. Barrett: 14 votes

Actually: Saquon Barkley, Penn State, who got two votes, including one of mine.

Who is your Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year?

Jabrill Peppers: 6 votes

Actually: Yes, this prediction was correct, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Who is your Big Ten Coach of the Year?

Urban Meyer: 6 votes

Actually: Lol at us for thinking an Ohio State coach would actually win this. Paul Chryst and James Franklin split the award with the media and coaches. Both did do great jobs this year at least.

Which team in the preseason AP Poll Top 10 is most likely to disappoint?

Tennessee: 6 votes

Actually: I mean, Tennessee was a really good guess, but the true answer (and one that got three votes), was Notre Dame. In case you forgot, Notre Dame finished 4-8.

Which team in the preseason AP Poll 11-25 range do you see as having the best chance of making the playoffs?

TCU: 8 votes

Actually: Nope, wasn’t TCU. That would be No. 14 Washington, who did, in fact, make the Playoff.

Which team outside the Top 25 do you see a potential sleeper?

Texas: 3 votes

Miami: 3 votes

Actually: Nope and nope. Wisconsin.

Which team outside of the Power 5 and Houston do you see as the most dangerous?

Boise State: 6 votes

Actually: Should have been Western Michigan, who actually won the Group of 5 bid and came within a shout of upsetting Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl.

Who is the highest profile coach that's going to get axed this year?

Gus Malzahn: 4 votes

Actually: Only one of the people that got a vote actually got fired, and that was Charlie Strong (three votes). We’re not as good at predicting these evidently.

Who is winning the Heisman Trophy?

Deshaun Watson: 9 votes

Actually: Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, who didn’t get a single vote from our field.

Who are your four playoff teams?

Clemson: 14

Ohio State: 12

Alabama: 10

LSU: 8

TCU: 8

Actually: I mean, three out of four is pretty good, isn’t it? We whiffed on Washington, who didn’t get a single vote. Houston and Oregon got two each. Whoops.

Who is going to win the national title?

Clemson: 8 votes