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Ezekiel Elliott’s history in AT&T Stadium has the Cowboys hoping for a big game Sunday

Jason Garrett and company were on hand for Zeke’s big national championship game. They hope he can match it this weekend.

National Championship - Oregon v Ohio State Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

“This 15 for Ohio State is pretty good.”

- Emmitt Smith, via Todd Archer, ESPN

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith were both on hand at AT&T Stadium for the first College Football Playoff National Championship. Little did they know, they were able to watch the future of the Cowboys in Ezekiel Elliott. "So I kind of watched him because Emmitt knows a little something about running backs. I watched him closer and closer, and obviously he had a big game that night,” Garrett told Archer. “And then you watch him throughout the next year, and he obviously is a really, really good football player."

You can imagine that Jerry Jones, the team’s owner, was in love with everything about Elliott. “If I’ve ever seen anything that was scripted in the draft room, scripted in the evaluation process, and then has come to bear any more straight down the line than Zeke, I don’t know it,” owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “He’s exactly more than we had hoped for.” The Cowboys are playing this Sunday against the Packers, and the team is expecting another big game in AT&T Stadium. “I expect to show up in the biggest games and [it's] kind of what I pride myself in,” Elliott said. “So I’m excited for this postseason run.”

Ohio State’s season didn’t end the way everybody wanted to, and changes have been made in order to get Ohio State back to the top of college football. Meyer mentioned that he felt the players deserved better. He was complimentary of Clemson and Alabama. It was promising to hear Meyer say the team needs to get more balanced on offense, and hopefully Kevin Wilson will be able to bring that. The Ohio State offense unquestionably needs it.

Luckily for Ohio State, they’re a young team and will be returning some great talent, despite losing some great players like Malik Hooker and Curtis Samuel. Barrett will be back for his senior season, and Mike Weber had one heck of a freshman year in the backfield, one of the best in Ohio State history. The hype might not be as great as it’s been in past seasons — especially with Alabama and USC around — but we should be able to expect Ohio State to be hovering around the top.

“Can we be the best in the country?”

- Zach Swartz, Ohio State New & Creative Media Director, via Joe Perez, Sports Business Daily

Ohio State’s New & Creative Media Director Zach Swartz was brought on Ohio State’s staff last spring. He’s been helping orchestrate a social media presence that’s had a big impact on Ohio State football. But he hasn’t been doing it alone. Urban Meyer has had a hand in things. He told Perez, “Once you spend time with the coaches, you come to expect what they want out there. There’s a fine line between giving respect to the players and things that should be kept in house and documenting what’s put out there.”

Swartz also notes that it’s a very collaborative environment, which is aimed at recruits. He reports to Director of Player Personnel, Mark Pantoni, who you might know best as the guy who tweets “BOOOOOOOM!” whenever Ohio State lands a recruit. “My primary goal isn’t really social media, but content production and getting that in front of recruit’s eyes,” Swartz said. If recent success is any indication, there’s no question that Swartz has done a great job while in Columbus.