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If Ohio State avoids turnovers, Nebraska will beat themselves

The Hangout in the Holy Land likes Ohio State to win big this weekend, and debates whether Midwestern food is actually good.

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Nebraska v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Nebraska enjoys turning the ball over.

A lot.

Through six games, the Cornhuskers have committed 12 turnovers, (110th nationally) with 10 of those coming via interception from quarterback Tanner Lee. For an Ohio State defense that has been among the best in the nation at forcing turnovers since Urban Meyer’s arrival, it’s a good bet that their ability to lure Nebraska into mistakes will determine whether Saturday night’s game is relatively close, or another Buckeye blowout.

On this episode of The Hangout in the Holy Land, Colton Denning and Matt Brown break down Ohio State’s game versus Nebraska, and why they think the Buckeyes are going to keep up their dominant play of the last month. The guys also discuss Nebraska’s turnover problems, Ohio State’s defensive line being in line for another big game, and why this is such an uneven matchup.

Other topics on this episode also include:

  • A discussion on where Nebraska stands as a program right now, whether head coach Mike Riley will make it to the end of the season, and why they should be worried about the rise of Purdue and Minnesota.
  • Why Ohio State is No. 1 in the new S&P+ rankings, and whether it’s deserved.
  • Gary Andersen’s surprising decision to leave Oregon State, and why it wouldn’t be shocking to see him pop back up at Ohio State next season.
  • Matt recounting his recent visit to Nebraska, why he’s not a fan of Runza, and Colton setting off a firestorm by saying that Midwestern food is actually terrible.
  • Matt also reveals he’s starting work on a new college football book, (Buy the first one here; it is excellent), and more!

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