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Ohio State releases Week 7 hype video for Nebraska

The Buckeyes have all the momentum they need to bull over the Huskers on their way to a bye week break.

With just one more contest before a much needed open week, Ohio State is ready for their third Big Ten road trip — this time, to Nebraska. It finally feels like every position group is starting to click and the team as a whole is trending upward (even though they still sit at the No. 9 spot nationally).

The Huskers haven’t exactly been having a great season, with their Athletic Director being let go at the onset of the year, only to be 3-3 heading into one of their most difficult games. Nebraska playing in front of a home crowd used to serve as a huge advantage, but last week the team was embarrassed by Wisconsin on their home turf.

Now, let’s watch this week’s hype video on repeat for the next three days.

Kickoff for Ohio State at Nebraska is on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m. ET.