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Most projections have Ohio State in the Peach Bowl, however, one projection points to Rose Bowl semifinal

Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has the right idea for where the Buckeyes are headed.

Maryland v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Unlike last week, there was a consensus for where the Ohio State Buckeyes would be going in the postseason: a New Year’s Six bowl. Entering Week 7 of the college football season—and with the help of the Oklahoma Sooners loss last week to Iowa State—the projections have begun to vary more for the Buckeyes, but a premier bowl game is back on the menu for the Scarlet and Gray, considering everything stays the same.

Let’s take a look at where five outlets have the Buckeyes headed to for their bowl game.

CBS Sports

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Jerry Palm Rose (No.2) Clemson

Jerry Palm had the Buckeyes going to the Sugar Bowl in last week’s edition of bowl projections. However, with the Oklahoma Sooners getting upended (and karma’d) by Iowa State, the Scarlet and Gray moved up into the No. 3 spot in the College Football Playoff.

The other playoff matchup, according to Palm, is Alabama vs. Penn State (!) in the Sugar Bowl. So, it appears that Palm has OSU beating PSU—and the Nittany Lions ending with just one loss. For a conference, getting one team into the CFP is tricky enough, let alone two. But, who knows? If the Pac-12 and Big 12 continue the trend of everyone beating up on each other, then it’s plausible that both are gonna miss the boat on getting someone into the playoff.

Sports Illustrated

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Eric Single Cotton TCU

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As Palm keeps the Bucks in the playoff picture, Eric Single of Sports Illustrated has OSU in the Cotton Bowl for another week. Again, the TCU Horned Frogs are the projected opponent.

Both teams replaced a home-and-home series in 2018-19 in favor for a “neutral” site game next season at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. If Single is right, we’ll get an early dose of Horned Frogs-Buckeyes in Jerry World.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

SB Nation

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Jason Kirk Peach Georgia

SB Nation’s own Jason Kirk is keeping his Ohio State postseason prediction the same as well. While at the same venue as the National Championship, Kirk has the Georgia Bulldogs basically playing host to the Buckeyes in the Peach Bowl.

Urban Meyer has done well going into SEC territory and pulling out postseason wins against SEC powers since coming to Columbus. I mean, Urbz beat Nick Saban and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl semifinal in 2014. Why would he struggle with a former Saban assistant in Kirby Smart??

USA Today

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Erick Smith Peach Georgia

Breathes in, sighs heavily

Peach Bowl is the prediction from Erick Smith at USA Today.


Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Kyle Bonagura Peach South Florida
David M. Hale Orange Miami (FL)

Last week, Kyle Bonagura had the Buckeyes in the Citrus Bowl. Now, the tune has changed to the... Peach Bowl. However, unlike Kirk, the ESPN analyst has South Florida taking on Ohio State.

Hot take: If this game happens, no way Ohio State walks out a “winner,” regardless of outcome. If they pound the Bulls, they were supposed to do it. If they don’t, then the sirens go off, and the proclamation that OSU was a pretender all along gets semi-validated—even though that really isn’t a firm truth.

David Hale has the Orange Bowl, again, for the Buckeyes. (And again, it would be a virtual road game as Miami would be the opposition in his prediction.)