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Ohio State will be the best offense Penn State has faced this year... by far

The Nittany Lions boast the nation’s No. 1 scoring defense. But, they’ve done that by beating up on some pretty bad offenses.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We fear them. We all do. How could you not? Their leading rusher, Glenn Smith, is averaging 2.79 yards per carry and nearly 31 yards on the ground per game. Their quarterback, Conner Manning, has lit the world on fire with seven touchdowns and five interceptions. This is, of course, the dynamic duo powering Georgia State — a unit ranked No. 83 in the country in total offense.

Georgia State is the second best offense Penn State has faced all season.

Make no mistake, Penn State’s defense is really good — you have to be to rank No. 1 in the nation in scoring defense. But it’s also true that Ohio State will be the best offense that Penn State's faced this year... by far. The Buckeyes rank No. 3 in the country in total offense (and is top-20 in near every major statistical offensive category: No. 18 in rushing, No. 12 in passing, No. 4 in passing efficiency, No. 2 in scoring). So who is the best offense Penn State has played so far? It was the Northwestern Wildcats — a team that ranks a ho-hum No. 74 in total offense.

PSU Opponent – Total Offense Rank
Akron – 116
Pittsburgh – 92
Georgia St. – 83
Iowa – 103
Indiana – 94
Northwestern – 74
Michigan – 97
Ohio State – 3

So, while the Nittany Lions have a lot of weapons on offense, and a defense that has claimed two shut-outs this season, they still have some questions to answer against top-tier talent — like Ohio State. Plus, the Buckeyes didn’t exactly do too well the last time they were tested by a ranked opponent at home.

Penn State was able to stop Michigan and John O’Korn last Saturday, but does that say a whole lot? Not really.