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Ohio State looking to recruit top DB with familiar name

The formidable Ohio State secondary wants to add another piece.

Woodi Washington

The Buckeyes return home tomorrow to face the Maryland Terrapins. After a 56-0 victory at Rutgers last week, Urban Meyer and the rest of the Buckeye football program will look to continue their improvements on offense and keep up the pace of their winning ways. With a much-improved Maryland team presenting new challenges, this test will be another opportunity to see if the offense and the entire squad is taking the right steps needed in order to compete for championships in November.

Of the many great things home games bring, one benefit without hesitation is the opportunity to host prized recruits on the sideline and in the stands. With 14 true freshmen already suiting up and seeing playing time, recruits have to love the fact that they can come in right away and contribute. As usual, recruiting for the Buckeyes is a never-ending success, and this weekend should be no different.

A name too familiar

Ohio State’s defensive backfield has been a topic of conversation ever since Urban Meyer took over the helm of the Ohio State program. With success and nothing less, the recipe for Ohio State defensive back recruiting has been to work hard, see time on the field, compete for championships, and see an early round NFL Draft pick calling your name. With a sales pitch that speaks for itself, the Buckeyes are loaded at the position currently and have no signs of stopping their pursuit for top corners and safeties.

Yesterday, that pursuit continued when Ohio State sent out their latest scholarship offer to Woodi Washington (Murfreesboro, Tennessee/Oakland). A name that has to intrigue Buckeye football followers nonetheless, Woodi can back up his historical name with some serious play. A 6'0, 180-pound cornerback, the 2019 prospect already holds nearly double digit offers. With schools after him such as Alabama, Louisville, LSU, Kentucky, Indiana, Oregon, and most recently, Ohio State, it’s not hard to see the caliber of talent Woodi possesses.

With the Buckeyes offering Woodi, the timing is the intriguing aspect, as he is set to visit the Buckeyes this weekend for the Maryland game. With no front runner in this recruitment due to Washington still needing to play this season and next before graduating high school, the Buckeyes certainly have plans of laying a firm foundation this weekend of a strong relationship. As Washington looks onto the field, he’ll be able to see a line of young cornerbacks already in positions to see the field. An easy reason to get excited as a prospect, Ohio State certainly wouldn’t mind another Woodi on the Buckeye gridiron.

What’s the deal here?

The Buckeyes haven’t really seen any bad news on the recruiting front the past few seasons. It seems like every prospect the Buckeyes really want, they end up getting. A byproduct of a national caliber program and incredible coaching staff, it’s great to be a Buckeye football fan. The best part? The current 2018 class seems to be on par with—if not better than—the class of 2017, which as we know broke star ranking records according to 247sports.

In the current 2018 class, Ohio State has done some serious work on their defensive line. As Meyer has said time and time again, “the battle is won in the trenches” and he’s certainly making that a fact with his recruitment of defensive line prospects. With Taron Vincent, Brenton Cox, and Antwuan Jackson (a JUCO product) already in the fold, the Buckeyes mean business and aren’t done yet. One name the Buckeyes would love to add to the fold is Pocatello, Idaho product Tommy Togiai.

Togiai, thought to be a Buckeye or USC lean, has been trending toward Ohio State over the last few weeks, and that has Buckeye fans pretty happy. One important topic to note: Washington Huskies 247sports insider Ruth Robbins made a crystal ball prediction in favor of Ohio State this week. The interesting part? Tommy is slated to visit Washington this weekend. An insider making a prediction in favor of the Buckeyes before the prospect even visits that insider’s school for the weekend certainly has people guessing. Urban Meyer and staff are hoping that guessing leads to Ohio State as the landing spot for the sixth best defensive tackle in the country as they try and fend off USC and yes, Washington.