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Ohio State bowl projections vary from Citrus Bowl to Sugar Bowl

Going into Week 6, predicting the Buckeyes’ postseason path looks foggy.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

With Week 6 of the college football regular season at our doorstep, bowl projections are starting to become as big of a topic of conversation as the rankings. With each week of games, the predictions begin to come into sharper focus, only to have the inevitable upsets disrupt the entire applecart.

As Ohio State answers the door on Saturday to find the Maryland Terrapins waiting at The Horseshoe, where the Buckeyes are headed at the end of the season is still cloudy at best, but that hasn’t stopped college football’s best journalists from pulling out their crystal balls.

Let’s take a look at where five outlets have the Buckeyes headed.

CBS Sports

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Jerry Palm Sugar Alabama

The most optimistic pundit from an OSU perspective, Jerry Palm has OSU going back to the College Football Playoff, setting up a semifinal rematch in the Sugar Bowl with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Palm has the Buckeyes as the No. 4 seed, and the Tide as the No. 1 seed. If history repeats itself, I can dig a J.K Dobbins 80-yard TD rush that lifts the Scarlet and Gray to another national championship appearance.

USA Today

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Erick Smith Orange Miami (FL)

Like last week, the Orange Bowl is still a popular pick for where the Buckeyes are headed. USA Today has Miami (FL) pegged as OSU’s eventual opponent.

And again, like last week, I’m okay with this game as long as Terry Porter is one of the refs.

Sports Illustrated

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Eric Single Cotton TCU

We may not have to wait for the TCU-OSU showdown in Cowboy Stadium in next year’s regular season; if Eric Single’s projection proves correct, the Cotton Bowl will bring us a clash of Horned Frogs and Buckeyes in the Lone Star State this bowl season.

SB Nation

Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Jason Kirk Peach Georgia

Another New Year’s Six bowl that the Buckeyes are projected into is in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl.

Right now, that’s where SB Nation has the Buckeyes, and their opponent would be the Georgia Bulldogs, who would practically be playing a home game.

However, the same could have been said for ‘Bama when they played OSU in the Sugar Bowl a few seasons ago—and we all know how that went.


Writer Bowl Opponent
Writer Bowl Opponent
Kyle Bonagura Citrus Auburn
David M. Hale Orange Miami (FL)

The final predictions come from ESPN, and the two experts both have Ohio State going to Florida for their bowl.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the bowls are completely different. One prognosticator picks the Orange Bowl against the ‘Canes, the other chose the Citrus Bowl versus Auburn.

Either way, those predictions continue to paint the cloudy picture of where OSU might end up once the regular season ends.

Where do you think Ohio State will go? Let us know in the comments below.