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Ohio State looks to Texas for their next great defensive back

The Buckeyes are in full pursuit in the Lone Star State.

Bryson Washington

It’s over. Last week’s debacle is a thing of the past (at least it should be) and the Buckeyes are on to the next test at home versus Michigan State. With the home team losing each year since 2007, the Buckeyes know they can’t afford to play poorly two weeks in a row, especially against a surprisingly improved Spartan squad.

It's hard to stomach how tight the games between Ohio State and Michigan State have been over the last few seasons. Look at last year, for example. A 3-9 Spartan team only lost by a single point to a highly favored and ranked Ohio State team. With a lot still to play for this year, such as a Big Ten East crown and a chance to play for the conference championship, hopefully we will see the return of the Buckeyes we’re more than used to seeing. With eyes from some top recruits in attendance as well, Urban Meyer knows this week is critical for this year’s remaining goals.

A look into the future?

Ohio State’s defensive back recruiting can pretty much be summed up in one word: success. Seemingly each year a top cornerback or safety bolts for the NFL early, leaving Ohio State in a cycle they’ve become all too familiar with as “next man up.” As long as the process continues though, all is good in Columbus. However, that cycle can’t continue without great recruiting efforts and development. Fortunately, the Buckeyes have had both under the helm of Urban Meyer and position coach Kerry Coombs.

Yesterday, the Buckeyes looked to continue their pursuit of top defensive backs as they went into Texas once again to dish out an offer to Houston native Bryson Washington. Washington is only a high school sophomore, but already has a very impressive track record in the recruiting process. The 6'2, 200-pound safety does not currently hold a ranking due to his recruiting class, but with early offers from the likes of Alabama, Louisville, Baylor, LSU, Ole Miss, and most recently Ohio State, it’s easy to see this will be one of the top prospects of his class when all is said and done.

This past week for Washington has been busy, as Louisville, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Ohio State all threw their hats into the ring for Bryson’s future services. An incredible stretch of eight days to say the least, and there’s still more than enough time for more schools to come into play. You can certainly bet Tom Herman and the Texas Longhorns will want to keep this one within the state lines, but if anyone can pull a Texan out and bring them elsewhere, it’s Urban Meyer. Time will tell where the Buckeyes stand in this recruitment, but with the early relationship already beginning to form, anything is possible.

The Gateway to the West

It’s not any news at all to say Ohio State’s creative media team is easily one of, if not the best team in the country when it comes to graphics and content. The amount of work the team does for recruits doesn’t go unnoticed either. Top prospects are sharing the photos made specifically for them all the time, proving just how valuable the media team for the Buckeyes is.

Earlier this week a St. Louis prospect, Marcus Washington, went to Twitter to show the world the latest graphics produced for him by the Buckeyes. The 6'2, 170-pound receiver is not only a high 4-star ranked prospect, but also the 13th-best receiver in the country and the second-best player from the Show Me State. Not only does the star power stand out for Marcus, but with nearly 30 offers already, this 2019 stud looks to be coveted by nearly every top school in the country.

Currently, Michigan is thought to be the leader in the crystal ball predictions, but with only one sole vote there’s not much stock in that. If anything, when you think of Ohio State and their efforts in St. Louis, you don’t have to think hard considering Zeke Elliot not only won a national championship with Ohio State, but is also a first round draft pick and a star for the Dallas Cowboys. If Marcus wants to continue the Missouri to Ohio trend, the Buckeyes certainly wouldn’t stop his efforts.