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Damon Arnette injured, Dre’mont Jones ejected at halftime of Ohio State-Michigan State

The Buckeyes are down two more defenders at halftime against Sparty.

UNLV v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Ohio State is currently demolishing Michigan State 35-3, but as the teams head into halftime, the Buckeyes are down another two defenders. Already without Jerome Baker and Dante Booker -- as announced before kickoff — Dre’mont Jones was ejected with three minutes left in the second quarter thanks to a very questionable targeting call followed shortly by Damon Arnette going down with an apparent leg injury.

With the second and third-team rosters likely to see some playing time, the loss of the additional two defenders shouldn’t be immediately seen. Jones will be back next week since his ejection came in the first half, but Arnette could be a lengthier situation.

The injury did not look great. Arnette initially popped up from the weird angle hit to finish out the play, but then quickly took a seat. He wasn’t able to put pressure on his left leg as he exited the field.

So far today, Arnette has made two interceptions — only one counted thanks to a penalty — but he’s been a huge playmakers against the Spartans.

We’ll keep you updated with any news of Arnette’s injury as it becomes available.