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The jerseys Ohio State will wear against Michigan have been released

There’s also some other swag that is going on sale, too.

Yesterday, a cryptic tweet was posted by the Ohio State Buckeyes football account, alluding at some alternate jerseys for the Michigan game.

Now, we know what they look like.

The gray numbering with the wolf-like pattern will make a return, while the shoes being worn for this upcoming game on Nov. 28 vs. Michigan will be of the LeBron variety.

The back of the alternate jersey the Buckeyes will wear for the upcoming trip to Ann Arbor.

Perhaps hoping to capitalize on the previous success, the Buckeyes will wear the same helmets from that come-from-behind victory against the Nittany Lions last month.

If you’re interested in buying one of these fresh new jerseys, you can get that at Fanatics by clicking here.

If you wanted something that had a little bit of a LeBron feel to it, there’s something for you, too. Here’s what the LeBron OSU themed t-shirts look like.

Fanatics also has you covered for those fresh shirts. You can buy them here.