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Ohio State officially wins the Big Ten East, will face Wisconsin in Big Ten title game

The postseason rematch with the Badgers is set.

Illinois v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Just in case this fact got lost in all the hubbub of last night: Ohio State’s season, officially, got one game longer.

No matter what happens against Michigan, Ohio State will win the Big Ten East division and will head to the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis against the West division champs, the undefeated Wisconsin Badgers.

Kickoff is currently set for 8:17 PM on Saturday, Dec. 2.

It seems a little strange, given the level that Ohio State has dominated the conference over the last few seasons, but this will just be Ohio State’s third appearance in the title game. The Buckeyes lost to Michigan State in 2013, and memorably demolished Wisconsin in 2014. The Badgers have been a mainstay in the event, as this will be their fifth appearance.

A win would tie Ohio State with Wisconsin and Michigan State for the most Big Ten Championship wins with two. But far more importantly, it could vault them right back into the College Football Playoff, depending on whatever else happens in the sport.

Ohio State has a big game that you might have heard about this coming Saturday, and they’ll need to win that one to remain in the Playoff chase, and also because that’s the Michigan game, but all indicators right now point to Ohio State/Wisconsin being a classic as well.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster season, but despite a few hiccups along the way, Ohio State has put themselves in position to take home some big trophies if they can take care of business against some very talented teams.

For more information on the Big Ten Football Championship Game, including travel arrangements, you can go here.