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Baby Scarlett refuses to use her Michigan pacifier because she’s obviously an Ohio State fan

Even though she’s just a baby, she gets the rivalry.

Baby Scarlett and the choice between an Ohio State or Michigan...

She may be a baby, but Scarlett knows who to root for.

Posted by Land-Grant Holy Land - For Ohio State fans on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It’s Beat Michigan week, and most Buckeye fans are born with fandom in their blood. The same can be said about Scarlett (I mean, how appropriate is that name) who just couldn’t be bothered using a Michigan pacifier. Instead, she waits for her Mom, Kelly McLay, to swap it out with some Ohio State gear.

Scarlett’s Dad, John McLay, is a Cleveland native who graduated from dental school at Ohio State in 2005. A client of Kelly’s was a Michigan law school grad, and gifted the couple a bunch of TTUN gear as a joke when Scarlett was born.

All we know, is Scarlett already has impeccable taste in football allegiances.