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Michigan’s offense will have a tough time against Ohio State with John O’Korn at quarterback

A healthy Brandon Peters would give Michigan a chance.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Peters is the best quarterback right now for the 2017 Michigan squad. Unfortunately, Peters was knocked out of last week’s game against Wisconsin with a concussion, and as of now, he is still in concussion protocol.

That means with Peters currently on the shelf with Wilson Speight, Jim Harbaugh will have to turn to John O’Korn, a fifth-year senior transfer from Houston.

"(Peters is) progressively getting better, he's still in the protocol," Michigan passing game coordinator, Pep Hamilton said. "It's on an hour-to-hour, day-to-day basis. We'll know where he stands (then). He seems to be a lot better than what he was after Saturday."

For Michigan’s sake, Peters needs to play for the Wolverines to have a chance on offense against the Buckeyes.

John O’Korn

  • Michigan has very little chance to win this game with O’Korn at quarterback. He’s a very average passer and doesn’t really bring anything special to the table.
  • Compared to Peters, O’Korn has very little velocity on his throws and does not throw a crisp spiral.
  • Michigan runs lots of gimmicky plays that attempt to spark the otherwise bland offense. You’ll see some wildcat, a couple of reverses and a backfield full of fullbacks. Still, the offense is bland and they call sweeps on third-and-8.
  • O’Korn isn’t as slow as one would think, but he is not a smart runner. He can somewhat extend plays in the pocket and his experience allows him to have some pocket presence.
  • The skill players didn’t seem as focused against Wisconsin with O’Korn at quarterback, dropping a few passes.

Brandon Peters

  • If Peters passes concussion protocol, it would give Michigan a much better chance to win the game.
  • Even though Peters has only started a few games and hasn’t completed more than 10 passes in a game, he has a much better feel for the offense and it runs much better with him at quarterback.
  • Peters throws a catchable ball with good velocity and a tight spiral.
  • Has little pocket presence — which makes sense given his lack of experience — but possesses some mobility that allows him to extend plays.
  • Michigan was only down 14-10 to Wisconsin and had some life on offense before Peters exited the game.
  • Overall, Michigan could be really competitive if Peters suits up. If not, they’re going to have a really tough time against Ohio State’s defense to move the ball with O’Korn at quarterback.