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Ohio State's 2018 QB situation just got really interesting

The Buckeyes have offered a new 2018 QB. Is a shakeup coming?

Jarren Williams

The Buckeyes head to Iowa this weekend to take on the Hawkeyes in another 3:30 pm match-up. With last week's game surely still fresh in the mind of Buckeye fans after easily one of the greatest comebacks in Ohio State football history, it’s not hard to want to relive that moment time and time again. It's in the past though, and the Buckeyes need to move on and realize with Iowa along with everyone else’s best shot, they just need to take care of business and get to Indianapolis. Easier said than done, but Urban Meyer and his staff should have this squad ready for what’s taking place on the field. In the ever-changing recruiting world though, Meyer and staff look to be just as ready for everyone’s best shot at their 2018 top ranked class.

And here we go. Again...

Let’s just cut to the chase and address the elephant in the room. There’s a serious roller-coaster of emotions going on with the 2018 quarterback recruiting saga for the Buckeyes. With Emory Jones being the lone 2018 QB commit for Ohio State since the summer of 2016, it was thought to be all but sealed that Jones would be in Columbus come next fall and be the signal caller of the class. But with so much that has happened in the past year, you can thank Alabama as the reason for so many changes and at the very least possibilities of change.

Since his pledge to Ohio State, Jones has thought to have been the guy. It was Ohio State’s true top priority and they added him to the fold relatively early considering recruiting timelines. However, with multiple visits to Alabama in the last year, It’s been rumored time and time again that Jones and his pledge were wavering and a possible “flip” to the Crimson Tide could be coming. Jones did visit for the Penn State game last week and took to social media to say he was coming "home,” but ever since his departure, things have continued to progress on the rumor mill and Alabama is still the main source of it. There’s even a thought that Jones could in fact visit again Alabama again this weekend. If so, that should be the writing on the wall, you’d think.

Fast forward a little bit. Yesterday, Ohio State offered a quarterback they have been in constant communication with due to the unrest with Jones and there’s a new sense of feeling that Jarren Williams, another Georgia quarterback, could be the next in line if Jones were to in fact “flip” his commitment. Williams, the nation’s seventh-best dual-threat quarterback, is no new name to Buckeye fans. Williams has long been thought to be the first choice at replacing Jones, and yesterday may have been a serious step in that direction. While he is still currently committed to the Kentucky Wildcats, signs are really starting to point to more shake-up in the QB recruitment for these parties involved.

There’s a couple ways to skin this cat, but it’s easy to see that there’s serious potential for Jones to be gone from this 2018 class and Ohio State’s staff sees this as a real possibility. Knowing this could be the case, they have taken the necessary steps to offer their other priority in Jarren so they are not left on the outside looking in come signing day 2018. It is still possible that Jones ends up a Buckeye, but if he’s looking around more than ever, the Buckeyes have to be prepared and they have done so by making it official that Jarren Williams has an offer. We shall see where this all ends, but you can guarantee this topic isn’t even close to being over.