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How bad and unlikely was Ohio State’s blowout loss to Iowa?

Well for one, it was Iowa’s biggest win against Ohio State. Ever.

Ohio State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Ohio State losses, period, are relatively rare, especially under Urban Meyer. And Ohio State losses to Iowa are even more rare. After all, the Hawkeyes have only beaten the Buckeyes once since 1997.

But, they won again today, and they left little doubt, absolutely demolishing Ohio State, 55-24. It was a thrashing on every level.

How unlikely, crazy, and plain ol’ historic was this loss? Let’s consider a few quick points here.

Everybody has bad days, even teams as talented as Ohio State. We’ve seen some bad losses by the Buckeyes under Urban Meyer (sup, 2014 Virginia Tech), and also some blowouts (sup, Clemson), but a true, out-and-out asskicking by any conference team, let alone one of Iowa’s caliber is really rare.

Given the context of the season, expectations, the talent level of both of the top of my head, I think this is one of the most disappointing Ohio State games I can remember in my lifetime as a fan. Probably the worst since the 2007 national title game, or maybe the 1994 thrashing by Penn State (63-17). But at least both of those teams were really good. Iowa, even if they finish with eight or so wins, isn’t at that level.

It’s small consolation that games like these are very rare. But, after watching what we all did, that’s small consolation indeed.