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J.T. Barrett is rehabbing like crazy in order to play in the Big Ten Championship game

On the other hand, Beanie Wells’ experience says Barrett won’t be ready to go Saturday.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

“The fifth-year senior and third-year captain is putting himself in that situation by rehabbing 15 hours a day...”

-Doug Lesmerises,

Will J.T. Barrett be ready to lead Ohio State against Wisconsin on Saturday? That’s been the million dollar question ever since the quarterback went down last weekend against Michigan. Barrett, along with the team’s medical staff, determined the best option to getting him ready to compete just a week after the injury, was to undergo arthroscopic surgery.

In order to get back to the field faster, Doug Lesmerises reported that Barrett has been rehabbing upwards of 15 hours a day. He’s been in the building when Urban Meyer arrives at 6 a.m. and is still there when Meyer packs it up at the end of the night. As much as Barrett’s talent has been questioned throughout his career, his dedication and work ethic has never been a worry.

"That's not normal," Meyer said. "There is a pain threshold and then there's 15 hours a day of treatment, which is what he did. I can't say that's normal, because it's not. I've had players with similar type things happen and they're two or three weeks (of recovery).”

"But he is not normal."

Barrett was able to throw the ball on Wednesday and was able to practice — in some capacity — on Thursday, but the head coach wasn’t willing to commit to whether or not the QB would be ready to go come game time. But based on how his rehab has gone thus far, Barrett should be ready to go against the Badgers.

Rumors began swirling Friday afternoon when Beanie Wells spoke about J.T. Barrett and his recovery on his 97.1 show Tim and Beanie. The former Buckeye said based on his experience, the recovery needed from a knee scope would likely be enough to keep J.T. Barrett sidelined for Saturday’s Big Ten Championship game.

Wells took to Twitter shortly after his words quickly spread to clarify that he is only speculating, based on personal experience, that Barrett won’t be able to go. Wells’ theory though, is based on pretty solid circumstances. Not only does the Buckeye QB have open wounds (from the surgery) that will need to heal, but as a dual-threat quarterback -- who does some of his best work as a rusher — he’ll have a hard time making it 60 minutes if he isn’t able to move very well side-to-side.

It’s probably safe to assume that Urban Meyer and the coaching staff have a pretty good idea at this point whether or not Barrett will finally get a chance to compete in a conference championship. It’s also not surprising that they wouldn’t divulge that information, and would rather let Wisconsin find out at kick-off whether they’ll be trying to stop Barrett or the young guy Dwayne Haskins.

“I’ll be wearing gold cleats on Sunday in support of increased funding for research into pediatric cancer. And for a young friend who’s beaten the disease more than once, and taught me some powerful lessons.”

-Joey Bosa, Sports Illustrated

This weekend, NFL players throughout the League will rock some pretty sweet kicks in honor of a cause close to their hearts. The My Cause, My Cleats campaign allows players to get creative with their footwear, and draw attention to organizations or causes important to them.

Joey Bosa will wear bright gold cleats with “CHILDREN DESERVE #MORETHAN4” emblazoned on them. The designer? A young man named Sean, who Bosa met during his two visits to MD Anderson Cancer Center — part of his trips to Houston for the Lombardi Trophy ceremonies in 2014 and 2015.

During one of their visits, Sean told Bosa that only 4 percent of money raised for cancer research goes to pediatric cancer. It’s an astonishingly low number, and one that Bosa hopes to help increase by bringing awareness to the problem with his gold cleats.

The Chargers DE is now just hoping he gets a sack on Sunday to get his message on highlight reels everywhere -- they’re playing the Browns, so Bosa should get plenty of screen time for those cleats.

All Ohio State teams’ weekend schedule:

Team Match-up When
Team Match-up When
Men's Swimming 2017 Winter Nationals Friday, All Day
Women's Swimming 2017 Winter Nationals Friday, All Day
Wrestling @ Las Vegas Invitational Friday, All Day
Rifle @ USA Shooting Winter Airgun Championships Friday, All Day
Pistol @ USAS Winter Air Championships Friday, TBA
Women's Hockey St. Cloud State Friday, 6:07 pm
Men's Hockey Penn State Friday, 7 pm
Men's Swimming 2017 Winter Nationals Saturday, All Day
Women's Swimming 2017 Winter Nationals Saturday, All Day
Wrestling @ Las Vegas Invitational Saturday, All Day
Rifle @ USA Shooting Winter Airgun Championships Saturday, All Day
Pistol @ USAS Winter Air Championships Saturday, TBA
Women's Hockey St. Cloud State Saturday, 3:07 pm
Men's Hockey Penn State Saturday, 4 pm
Men's Basketball @ Wisconsin (on FOX) Saturday, 5 pm
Football @ Wisconsin (on FOX) Saturday, 8:17 pm
Women's Basketball Maine Sunday, 1 pm
Pistol @ USAS Winter Air Championships Sunday, TBA