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J.T. Barrett will play for Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship

After a week of uncertainty, Urban Meyer finally announced

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Ohio State quaterback J.T. Barrett has been rehabbing for 15 hours a day since his knee surgery last Sunday in order to make it back on the field for the Big Ten Championship game. And now we know, all of the hard work has paid off, as it was announced that the three-year captain will lead his time one more time ahead of a bowl game.

It remains to be seen just how long he’ll be able to stay in the game, and if he’s truly ready enough to play a full 60 minutes. After suffering a knee injury last week in the pregame — going up against a rogue cameraman on the sideline — Barrett’s lingering meniscus issue was exacerbated, and the following day, the QB had surgery.

The team should still be in good hands if Barrett does find himself in a situation where he needs to come out, as Dwayne Haskins was able to step up and lead the Buckeyes to 17 points in a come-from-behind victory in Ann Arbor.