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Ohio State football's Malik Harrison throws down the best dunk you'll see today

If football doesn’t pan out, there’s always basketball.

It isn’t all work and no play for the Buckeyes in the offseason; they like to let loose too. The Ohio State football players took a break from conditioning Wednesday to try their best moves on the basketball court.

The dunk contest had a clear winner when linebacker Malik Harrison jumped over a (very trusting) teammate on his way to the basket, before slamming it in the net. The crowd went wild when Harrison nailed the landing.

Harrison might have had the best dunk of the day, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some other impressive moves -- some by the larger guys on the team. Defensive lineman Rashod Berry chose a sick one-handed dunk for his attempt which drew a favorable reaction from the crowd.

One thing’s for sure, these big guys can definitely get some air — and they seem pretty eager for the start of March Madness.