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Are we in the Golden Age of Ohio State athletics?

We talk non-revenue sports, the NCAA tournament and more in our latest podcast.

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NCAA Wrestling: Division I Wrestling Championship Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say that Ohio State athletics is on a roll right now. We all know about the success of the football team, but between the recent triumphs in Women’s Basketball, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Hockey, and Wrestling, the Buckeyes’ athletic department is far more than just a one trick pony.

On this edition of The Hangout in the Holyland, Matt Brown and Colton Denning talk about the prosperity of Ohio State’s non-revenue sports, and why you should keep up with them while football is in its (relatively) quiet period. They also discuss why they think Gene Smith is one of the best Athletic Directors in the country.

With the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament also in full effect, the guys debate whether Wisconsin, Purdue, and Michigan making the Sweet 16 is enough to change the perception of Big Ten Basketball (no, it’s still bad), compare the tournament to bowl season, and Colton explains why he’s rooting for the chaos scenario of a Wisconsin-Purdue nationally championship.

Finally, Colton goes full “MY COLUMN:” on the current state of video games.

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