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Watch the end of North Carolina-Kentucky if you missed it because of a tornado warning

Better late than never.

If you live in Columbus, OH, hopefully you’re safe.

With possible weather conditions conducive to a tornado Sunday evening in the Central Ohio area, one can understand why a local news station might want to keep readers and the surrounding metro area aware of what’s going on.

Unfortunately, WBNS 10TV, Columbus’ local CBS station, decided to pivot away from one of their better Elite Eight games in recent memory, a national title game caliber tilt between the two-seeded Kentucky Wildcats and the No. 1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels.

But while other stations were giving their viewers studio weather coverage, perhaps due to a technical difficulty, WBNS’ coverage looked a lot like this:

Meanwhile, in Memphis, with Kentucky trailing by 7 with 54 seconds to go, Big Blue manage to level things after a second Malik Monk three in the final 40 seconds. But North Carolina’s Luke Maye would have the final word:

We’re not advocating ever not keeping the public updated during an actual crisis, but maybe pick your spots, or at the very least, go split screen next time?

UPDATE — Credit where credit’s due, WBNS wound up airing the final two minutes, though about 15-16 minutes after they initially planned to re-air it.