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The AP says Ohio State is the 12th best college basketball program all-time. Really

Ahead of Michigan State and Michigan. It’s true!

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The last Ohio State basketball season wasn’t very fun. Neither was the one before that, if we’re being totally honest. Or, okay fine, even the one before that. It’s been a minute since Ohio State basketball was threatening to make the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, or really, even being all that fun to watch.

But don’t let this recent down stretch distract you from the fact that Ohio State basketball has actually been pretty dang good for years and years. In fact, the AP recently tabulated their Top 100 programs of all time, based on AP Poll appearances. And Ohio State is in some elite company.

The Buckeyes are No. 12 on the list, ahead of programs like Michigan State, Michigan, Georgetown, Maryland, and others. Only Indiana (No. 5) and Illinois (No. 9) rank higher in the Big Ten. Cincinnati is tenth.

In case you were wondering, Kentucky is No. 1, followed by UNC, Duke and UCLA.

The Buckeyes have appeared in over 33% of all AP Polls, and have held the No. 1 ranking 37 different weeks, which is pretty impressive. A whopping 40% of Ohio State’s appearances have come under Thad Matta. The program was great in the 1960s, after all, and saw some success after that, but recent history not withstanding, it’s truly excelled under Matta.

Here’s hoping Ohio State can get back in AP Poll in a hurry. It’s time to take that state title back from Cincinnati.