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Ohio State’s postseason fortunes are looking better every day

Just keep winning.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

“2 seed: Ohio State”

-NYC Buckets

Ohio State basketball has won two games in a row, and with a win this Saturday, they’ll avoid the first day of the Big Ten Tournament next week. That’s not enough to move them beyond the very fringe of the fringe bubble teams for the NCAA Tournament, but it is helping them gain some traction elsewhere. NYC Buckets, perhaps the premier NIT Bracket Projection site at the moment, now has the Buckeyes as a two seed, where they would face New Mexico State out of the WAC.

Indiana sits in this region as a four seed. If the Buckeyes can beat the Hoosiers, and maybe another game in the Big Ten tournament, they could do a lot towards putting themselves in a position to make a deep NIT run. And if enough crazy things keep happening to the bubble, who knows? Illinois looked like the longest of long shots just a few weeks ago. Now they’re probably in.

“5th pick-Malik Hooker, Ohio State”

-SB Nation

Mock Draft boards will continue to change as the NFL Combine continues, but the latest from SB Nation still has some Buckeyes occupying some primo real estate. Here, Hooker is a top five selection of the Tennessee Titans (via the Rams), as Tennessee looks to get more athletic and dynamic in their defensive backfield. Marshon Lattimore is slated to go to the Browns (!!!) at the 12th pick as well. Depending on how things go over the next few days, it’s possible a third Buckeye could find himself in the first round as well.

“Honestly, I really feel like he helped the backs out a lot with his performance and got drafted high”

Former Texas RB D’Onta Foreman on Ezekiel Elliott, via SB Nation

You don’t need to be a huge NFL Draft junkie to know that the value of running backs has decreased over the last few years. From the pass-happy style of the modern NFL, the injury risk, and the fact that you can still find good value later in the draft, it’s clear that drafting a running back, even a very productive NFL running back, very high in the draft is a bit risky.

But the Cowboys bucked recent convention, grabbing former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott, and all he did was dunk all over the NFL. Now, prospects in this year’s recruiting class recognize that Elliott may have helped change the perception of the position, and that means bigger bucks going to backs like Foreman.

Somebody owes Zeke a nice steak dinner. After all, if you want to succeed, you should Feed Zeke.


The new Zelda game is apparently totally dope

They built a dang Taco Bell out of a shipping container!

You know the internet was all borked a few days ago? A freakin’ typo. I know that feeling.