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Ohio State reportedly signs non-binding agreement to play in the NIT

Will the Buckeyes play in the postseason? It could be trending that way.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Will Ohio State accept an NIT bid? We’re one step closer to knowing now.

Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch reports that Ohio State returned the paperwork needed for the Buckeyes to play in the NIT. From Jardy’s report:

Ohio State has returned a signed copy of the NIT postseason agreement for 2017, the NCAA confirmed to The Dispatch.

The agreement is sent to nearly all Division I men's basketball teams starting in late January. Teams that return a signed agreement can change their minds about playing in the NIT, but an NCAA spokesman said such decisions are rare.

Of course, “rare” doesn’t mean “never happens.” After all, as Jardy also pointed out, LSU decided to decline an NIT bid during the Ben Simmons season, even though they finished with a 19-14 record.

Last night, right after the Buckeyes lost to Rutgers, it wasn’t clear if the Buckeyes would accept a bid, if offered. Thad Matta told us that he didn’t know if the Buckeyes would take a bid, and the idea didn’t exactly excite many of the players we talked to.

But people can change their mind after having a night to sleep on it. We’ll see what Ohio State eventually decides to do. If they want another game (or more), at least their paperwork is in order.