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Ohio State is giving away dabbing Brutus Buckeye dad hats at a baseball game


The Ohio State baseball cap is a nearly essential wardrobe item for any Buckeye fan, especially a student.

But if you’re not feeling the more traditional ‘Block O’ look, or just want something different, well, you’re in luck.

Ohio State will be giving away these ‘Dabbing Brutus’ baseball caps on April 28, at the Ohio State-Nebraska baseball game:

I fully recognize that as LGHL’s resident #dad, I am not an authority on current pop culture trends. And I’m not using Dad Hat in the headline here as a pejorative. I own a few hats like this myself!

But, doesn’t it seem like the dab is a teensy bit ... dated?

Maybe you disagree. Maybe you think a dabbing Brutus is just the amount of ironic-cool your look requires. But even if you think the hat is a little goofy, you should go check out the Ohio State-Nebraska series if you’re near campus. The team could use your support.