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Cardale Jones played school, won. Is graduating from Ohio State May 7

And Tom Herman will be coming to watch him.

Ohio State v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

He’s in the NFL now, but that didn’t stop Cardale Jones from coming back and not just playing school, but beating it. And a familiar face will reportedly be in town to watch.

According to Bruce Feldman at FOX SPORTS, Texas head coach, and former Ohio State assistant Tom Herman will travel to Columbus to watch Jones graduate on May 7.

This is no small feat for Herman. Not only could he have recruiting obligations to work on that day, he could be hanging out some other pretty cool people.

This is a cool moment for Jones, whose entire career was reduced to an unfortunate “not here to play school” tweet early in his career by much of college football fandom. Now, he can boast a college degree, an NFL spot with the Buffalo Bills, and of course, his standing as one of the most beloved QBs in Ohio State history, one that led the team to an unlikely national title.

Congrats Cardale!