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Nobody tackled early in the Ohio State Spring Game

Better safe than sorry?

NCAA Football: Ohio State Spring Game Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Trying to pry definitive insights from the spring game is always tricky, since the rules are a bit different. The rosters are mixed up, playcalling is different, there are no kickoffs, and also, it’s very literally a practice. But that doesn’t dampen fan interest.

But this year, it looks like that’s been taken to a new level, as the spring game started without tackling.

It’s one thing for quarterbacks to not take any contact. They’re wearing black jerseys for a reason, and nobody wants to get a QB hurt for a game that doesn’t matter. But during the first two drives of the game, nobody got tackled. Play would stop after any player, be it a wideout, running back, tight end, etc, got hit with two hands.

So if you like touchdown catches, sure, there are some of those. But no hits.

By the middle of the second quarter, things started to change, as tackling resumed, although quarterbacks were still protected.

This means that the event resembles an actual football game even less. For the sake of player safety, that’s probably a good thing. But if you’re a fan who paid money and traveled to Columbus to watch a two-hand touch game, maybe that is something you would have wanted to know ahead of time?