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Watch Mike Weber throw a pass to J.T. Barrett in an Ohio State trick play

Kevin Wilson comin’.

The 2016 Ohio State football offense left an awful lot to be desired.

While the numbers were defensible for the most part, anyone who frequently watched the team knew there was something fundamentally wrong.

With the offensive playcalling braintrust behind last year’s unit having departed Columbus and former Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson now in charge of the offense, it’s reasonable to assume that things will get better sooner rather than later.

In a game of mostly glorified two-hand touch, the new Buckeye offensive think tank took the restrictor plate off early, resulting in an awesome halfback pass to OSU potential Heisman candidate quarterback J.T. Barrett.

Opposing defensive coordinators now have something else to think about as the 2017 regular season approaches:

With trick plays like this and the tight ends getting more than five yards of depth on their routes on more traditional play calls, it’s easy to see how this offense isn’t the same as the one that came before.