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Ohio State alum Tyvis Powell reacts to his Browns drafting Jabrill Peppers

Browns fans can relate.

The Cleveland Browns have had a puzzling draft after taking Myles Garrett first overall. With an opportunity to pick players like Malik Hooker or Deshaun Watson, the Browns decided to trade down.

And then, with the 25th pick in the draft, they drafted Jabrill Peppers of Michigan.

That’s a controversial pick for many fans of the Buckeyes and Browns. Sure, Peppers was an athletic marvel for the Wolverines, but what position does he play?

Apparently, even Buckeye fans on the Cleveland Browns have thoughts about this pick as well. Enter former Ohio State safety Tyvis Powell:

Just a hunch, but I bet practice between Powell and Peppers should be pretty entertaining for the Browns.

Current Buckeyes players who root for the Browns evidently feel similar: