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Who are Ohio State’s most important non-skill position players?

Discussing some of the less glamorous Buckeyes, and a lengthy discussion on the best breakfast cereals.

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NCAA Football: Ohio State Spring Game Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

(Note: We recorded this episode prior to the news of JaQuan Lyle’s departure from the basketball program, and cornerback Rodjay Burns’ transfer to Louisville)

It’s natural for skill position players to get all the love. Whether it’s a ridiculous catch, a highlight reel interception, or a game winning touchdown, football fans tend to focus on players who have the ball in their hands more so than those who don’t. Well, at least until something bad happens.

On this episode of The Hangout in the Holyland, Matt Brown and Colton Denning discuss some of scarlet and gray’s less heralded players, and who they think will be the most important to the Buckeyes’ success next season. With the offensive line’s struggles still fresh in many fans’ minds, you can bet that a lot of the talk focuses on the Buckeyes up front, and their need for improvement.

They also spend some time talking about the punting game, and how Cameron Johnston’s departure is quietly one of the team’s biggest question marks. Johnston helped give the Buckeyes an incredible field position advantage during his four years in Columbus, and both the offense and defense may have less margin for error in his absence.

Also included in this episode:

  • A lengthy discussion on breakfast and picking the greatest breakfast cereal of all time is (Rice Krispies Treats)
  • Matt makes a case for Maryland football being secretly good in 2017
  • Why Michigan State looks headed for another tough year
  • Ranking the Big Ten East prior to Fall practice

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