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Ohio State-Michigan officially coming to Fox

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The Big Ten’s new TV deal means the biggest game of the year gets new digs.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

When the Big Ten signed their fancy new TV deal with Fox, we knew that many of the conference’s biggest games would be moving to the league’s new partner. And now, we have official word that the absolute biggest game will be among them.

Fox confirmed that Ohio State-Michigan will move to the network this season during their upfronts, according to Awful Announcing. Both Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer were interviewed by the network to help promote the brand, and in the process, it looks like some other big games were leaked too.

If that image is correct, the Penn State at Ohio State game will also be broadcast on Fox, along with some of the other biggest games this season, like Texas and USC.

The Big Ten still has has a deal with ESPN to broadcast some of their games, so Ohio State won’t be leaving the Worldwide Leader for Fox and the Big Ten Network entirely. But Fox didn’t pay top dollar ($240 million a year for the next six years) just for the privilege of broadcasting Purdue and Minnesota.

The Game picked up a crazy-high rating last year, cracking a 10.4 overnight rating on ABC. That’s probably not going to happen again, but it’s not like Fox is a hard network to find. Plenty of folks will be able to watch the game.

What station the game will be on is something that matters a great deal to some people, but as long as Ohio State continues to have multiple games broadcast on ESPN, having a few games, even really big ones, moved to Fox shouldn’t hurt the program. And besides, they’re going to make a stupid amount of money on this deal.

And if that means we get Gus Johnson screaming about Ohio State-Michigan, well, that’s pretty good too. As long as the picture quality is strong enough to verify that the next Spot is Good, I’m sure things will be fine.