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A message from Matt Brown, Land-Grant Holy Land’s new Editor in Chief

Meet the new boss, mostly the same as the old boss

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Earlier today, our founder and fearless leader Luke Zimermann announced he’s leaving us at the end of the week to pursue a new opportunity. When his blogging spikes officially hang up, I’ll be taking over as the new EIC of the site.

For folks who have been reading for a while, my byline is probably familiar. I was one of the first contributors for LGHL back in 2012, and I’ve been helping co-manage the site for years.

But you may be new! And even if you’re not, well, we don’t get a chance to talk like this very often. So I wanted to quickly introduce myself, and talk about where the site is going now.

Who are you?

My name is Matt Brown, and I’m a College League Manager for SB Nation, meaning I oversee and manage all of the team sites across the network. I’m based in Washington D.C, but I’m from Granville, Ohio, and graduated from The Ohio State (after a brief sojourn at American University). I started as a regular ol’ contributor here at LGHL back in 2012, and as the site grew, I grew with it, to an assistant editor, and then running the ship with Luke. I do a little bit of everything for the site now, from covering news, to hosting the podcast, to writing columns.

What’s next for LGHL?

In the short term, I do not expect major changes. Luke and I agreed on the major structural philosophy of the site, and I intend to keep that going. State Secrets, WITN, regular columns from our strong voices, non-revenue coverage, all of that is going to continue.

But we want to continue to grow, just like we have over these last five years. We’re going to continue to find ways to enhance our stories with videos, with podcasts, and with other multimedia. We want to continue to help grow this place as a community, not just one that lives primarily on Facebook and Twitter, but on this website, and heck, maybe even in person, as well. We’ll break in new voices, and continue to listen to you about ways we can improve the site.

And we want your help

Later this week, we’ll put out a call for new writers and editors. My goal is to help train somebody to take over for me, ideally before football season, so we can pass the site leadership to a true new era for the site. But we’ll want other columnists, other podcasters, other writers, and other voices, to make sure we’re not missing out on important perspectives.

We want your voice to join in, even if you’re not on staff. Whether that is from comments, on Facebook, from FanPosts, or elsewhere, we want you to join the conversation, and give feedback. You’re all welcome to email me with questions or concerns as well. I’m at Matt dot Brown at SB Nation dot com, or @MattSBN on Twitter dot com.

It’s been my pleasure to have been associated with this site for so long. Together, we’ll keep making this one of the best places on the internet to talk about the Buckeyes.