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Come be the next manager of Land-Grant Holy Land, SB Nation’s Ohio State site

We’re looking for a new manager (plus new writers).

BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State v Notre Dame Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Earlier today, we announced that our editor and founder, Luke Zimmermann, is leaving the site to pursue other opportunities. I’ll be taking over in his stead.

But I do not plan on running LGHL forever. In fact, I’d love to take this opportunity to bring in some new blood to the site, and ideally, that would include a new site manager.

We’re looking to fill two main openings here: a new manager and writers.

What do you want in a manager?

I would love to groom somebody to take over LGHL and really make it their own. Managers organize, recruit and run a team of contributors, regularly write themselves, handle (or delegate) site social media, set site strategy, and more. It’s a position for folks who aren’t just passionate fans, but who are organized as well.

The good news is that we have time for me to train and build up whoever we decide to bring aboard as a manager.

I’d love for this person to have some online writing experience. Experience managing others, running a website, or figuring out what is newsworthy are all great additions as well.

What do we want in a writer?

We can always use more great writers at LGHL. We take all sorts, folks who want to write about news, want to do film study, jokes, cover non-revenue sports, recruiting, the works. We would especially love writers who bring something to the table that we don’t already have. Maybe that’s covering eSports. Maybe that’s Ohio State history. Maybe that’s more video or audio work. Maybe that’s just a new #voice in columns that we don’t already have.

We like our writers to commit to writing at least once, but ideally twice, a week. Our best writers can come to us with ideas that we can workshop together, rather than waiting for assignments. Those who have something interesting to say, and can keep commitments, tend to do really well.

You don’t need to have writing experience, but it helps a lot. If you’d like to write for LGHL, send us an email with a writing sample, and an explanation of what you bring to the table to

If you want more information or application instructions for our site manager opening, please click here.