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Kam Williams didn’t need help in deciding to return to Ohio State

He made the decision by himself, which was an easy one.

2016 CBS Sports Classic - Ohio State v UCLA Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“The recent struggles of the Ohio State men’s basketball team created concern, but Kam Williams’ decision to return for his senior season was his and his alone.”

- Adam Jardy, The Columbus Dispatch

Williams’ father confirmed to the Dispatch that Kam decided to come back to school on his own. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the state of the program was a concern. “The fact that he’s got to be there, we did talk about what was going on and a lot of it was unknown,” Williams’ dad told Jardy. “I didn’t know what was coming up next or what was going on. Having said that, I wouldn’t like any kid or anybody to be labeled as a quitter. When you start something, I want you to finish it and finish it strong.”

Williams’ return gives the Buckeyes 10 players on the roster for next season. Williams’ numbers dropped in the 2016-17 season but hopefully he, along with the rest of the program can get things right sooner rather than later. One thing that sounds promising, is how the agents were impressed with his work ethic. “One thing they were impressed about was whenever they would call (Kam) he would always tell them his schedule,” his father said. “He would say, ‘I’ve got this to do, I’m in the gym at this time, you can reach me at this time.’ He’s a very regimented person. You can’t just pick up the phone and try to reach him.”

“With [Ezekiel] Elliott back on the field this week for the Dallas Cowboys' organized team activities, he is sure to draw more attention Wednesday with the media on hand.”

- Todd Archer, ESPN

Ezekiel Elliott was in a car accident last week, putting a scare into everybody in the Cowboys’ organization. Thankfully it wasn’t serious, and now that he’s back on the field Wednesday, all eyes will be on him.

Zeke rushed for 1,631 yards last season, the most in the NFL, and oh so close to breaking Eric Dickerson’s rookie record. He may have had the record, had he played in the team’s final regular season game.

According to Archer, “Elliott believes he can be a better second-level runner in 2017. He also wants to be involved more in the passing game after he caught 32 passes for 363 yards and a touchdown last season.” That would be lethal for the Cowboys, who were already efficient on offense next season, despite having a pair of rookies in Zeke and Dak Prescott at two of the most important positions on the offense.

“In terms of football development, wide receiver Michael Thomas has been a step ahead of cornerback Marshon Lattimore for years.”

- Josh Katzenstein,

Michael Thomas has another friendly Buckeye face on the Saints roster going into 2017, after the team took Marshon Lattimore in the NFL Draft. He’ll now be trying to catch up to his former teammate, getting used to the speed of the NFL game.

“I'm excited for him,” Thomas told Katzenstein. “As long as he just works his technique and listens to a great coach like Aaron Glenn and then the other guys in the room (like) Delvin Breaux, there's a lot of talent in there and those guys could help him develop even faster.”

Of course, Thomas is happy to be continuing his relationship with Lattimore. It also sounds like they’ll use that to help each other improve on the football field. “It's great, we kind of came up together, so we've been in conflict together,” Thomas said. “So, we're kind of able to push each other if we're down in games and situations and kind of bring that other mentality out of someone just because we've been through so many situations together.”