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An Ohio State coach says LaVar Ball stole his logo for Big Baller Brand’s new shoes

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Here we go again.

Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith is nothing is not animated on social media.

Having picked Twitter feuds with opposing teams’ positional coaches — mostly in a college football recruiting contexts — prior, his latest target appears to be the controversial father of Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball.

Ball famously recently unveiled a ludicrously expensive signature shoe under his own “Big Baller Brand”. The ambition is hard to knock, but the showmanship is a bit much.

Smith also thinks Ball ripped off his “Zone6” logo to do it:

Zone6 is what Smith has dubbed the Ohio State wide receiving corp. Each player has gear (including dog tag style necklaces) adorned with a logo of Smith’s creation representing their brotherhood.

Has Ball (or any of his associates) ever seen the logo, or for that matter even heard of Smith and/or Zone6? We’re skeptical. But there is some unmistakably similar qualities to the logos.

Here’s the Big Baller Brand ZO2 one:

And here’s Smith’s Zone6 logo:

A bit alike, but far from identical. It’s possible this is all just one big coincidence after all.