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Thanks for everything, LGHL

It’s time for some new blood at Land-Grant Holy Land.

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You’d think I would have had long enough to think of a good punchy lede for this sort of thing, right? But let’s just cut through all the stuff you’d probably skip anyway, and get to the important part.

Last month, LGHL’s founder, Luke Zimmermann, hung up his blogging spikes to pursue a new opportunity. I’ve been more or less running the site with him over the last few years, and the keys to the car were turned over to me.

But that was never meant to be a permanent move. This was to be a caretaker administration. And now, we’ve found the new heads of LGHL. It’s time for me to step away as well.

I’m stepping down from whatever the hell my job title is this days on this website. EIC? Managing Editor? Guy who makes the typos on the Twitter account? Your new site managers will be Alexis Chassen, and Geoff Hammersley. I’ll leave it to them to more formally introduce themselves, and their vision.

I’ve been doing LGHL in some capacity since it was formed, over five years ago. That’s longer than I’ve done basically anything in my life. It’s longer than I’ve been married (I got hitched a few weeks after the site launched, and even scheduled a post to go up during my honeymoon). It’s longer than I’ve lived anywhere as an adult. It’s longer than I’ve held any job. It’s a long time.

Helping grow LGHL from nothing, a site with a funny name, microscopic budget compared to our competitors, and with almost all senior editors living outside Ohio, into one of the largest blogs writing about the school, and one that has influenced countless others, has been one of my great professional accomplishments. No matter where you read about Ohio State, I feel confident in stating that LGHL has made your experience better. I hope that continues to be the case.

But it also takes a lot of time. Time that I can’t as readily give, now that my day job at SB Nation has become more complicated and demanding. And this site is too important to me to let it grow stale because I can’t keep giving what I used to, back when life was simpler.

This isn’t the last time you’ll see my byline on this website. I’m still working at SB Nation, and during the season, or maybe even the offseason, you may still see an occasional column, or news hit if everybody else is tied up.

But the direction, managerial voice, and soul of the site? It’s time for somebody else to have a turn.

Thanks for reading and following along. I owe my career to all of you. And hopefully, I’ll head to Ohio this season, and can thank many of you in person.

Please welcome our new editors, and some new voices and faces you may see on the site from time to time. I’m sure this place will be in great hands.