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3-star RB Master Teague III is ready to be a leader at Ohio State

The one-cut back from Tennessee is excited to make his mark in the Buckeye backfield.

Master Teague

After watching Master Teague III practice in person for the first time in June, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer decided to offer the three-star running back a scholarship. Teague committed two days later, but it was the relationship he'd been building months prior with Meyer and running backs coach Tony Alford that helped solidify his decision.

The Tennessee native received more than 20 scholarship offers, passing on other collegiate heavyweights such as of Auburn, Georgia, and Tennessee. Teague spoke with us about his recruitment, how he's improving his game, and what he'll bring to the table as a future Buckeye.

Land-Grant Holy Land: Urban Meyer almost immediately offered you a scholarship after seeing you practice in person for the first time in June. You committed to OSU just two days later. What made you decide so quickly after being offered?

Master Teague III: A lot of people don’t know, but we’ve been building a relationship with them for a while since before the start of the year. I’ve been calling them and we’ve been building a relationship. I’d been on a couple visits before they actually offered and we already knew what the program had to offer. We looked at all the schools and just felt like it’d be the best fit for me.

LGHL: You’re one of the best running backs in the country and you’re joining a program that knows how to get the most out of the position. What will you bring to the table as a Buckeye?

Teague: Being a leader on the team and working hard in everything I do. I’m a north and south runner, and will get to the end zone as fast as I can. I’m aggressive and there won’t be a lot of juking around, I’ll just try to get to the end zone.

LGHL: What schools were you leaning towards committing with before OSU offered you?

Teague: In the beginning, it was Auburn, and then Georgia kind of came to the front. I started thinking about them a lot, but then OSU just pulled to the front.

LGHL: It seemed like your relationship with Urban Meyer and Tony Alford was a key piece in your final decision. How important was it to build that relationship with both coaches?

Teague: I think it’s important to build relationships. I’ve been building a relationship with them, more so Coach Alford, but I’ve been talking to Coach Meyer, as well. I feel comfortable talking with him and we talk just about every week. I think Coach Alford will push me more to become a better player. I think he’ll be a great coach and mentor for me going forward.

LGHL: Your current high school coach, David Watson, told me that your parents are really excited about all of this. How much did your parents mean to you during your recruitment?

Teague: They were a big help. A lot of times, recruits don’t have a lot of help from their parents or they don’t have a parent to help them, but mine were all in. My dad went to every visit, but my whole family mostly went to all the visits. They’ve been guiding me, taking a good look at my relationships and how everything’s been going. I’m very grateful for them.

LGHL: Having committed, what’s your schedule look like this summer?

Teague: Right now, I’m just working out with my team and training with my trainer. I’m doing an online class, just in case I want to graduate early. I’ve been training mostly, but I’ll go to Friday Night Lights in July. I’m working on getting better at my catching and my cutting, and just getting conditioned.

LGHL: You were born and raised in Tennessee, so you’ll be leaving your stomping grounds pretty soon. What about living in a new city are you most looking forward to?

Teague: Just the experience overall. I haven’t really thought about it too much, but I’m just looking forward to going up there and experiencing the town and what college life will be like. We know some people around the area, so if I have time, I’ll visit them. I’m looking forward to it.

LGHL: Did you have any favorite football players growing up? Anyone you model your game after?

Teague: I like Bo Jackson, but right now, it’s Leonard Fournette and Adrian Peterson. I just think they’re great, really athletic, and powerful. They’re great overall running backs.