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Ohio State has versatility, experience in their linebacker unit

Even though they’ve been shuffled around, the Buckeye linebackers might be the best LBs in the country.

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NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

“The ability to move a player from one spot to another and not miss a beat makes the Buckeyes appear even deeper than they already are.”

Tony Gerdeman on the Ohio State linebacking unit,

The defense is one of the strongest units throughout the history of Ohio State football. In the Urban Meyer era, the linebacking unit has seen numerous stars emerge, even though the unit keeps getting shuffled around.

Tony Gerdeman of the broke down how the Buckeyes will succeed at the linebacker position this season, even though the personnel were moved around the Mike, Will and Sam linebacker designations.

Versatility looks to be the name of the game, as this set of LBs has ample experience. For example, Chris Worley started his career in the weakside linebacker spot, before moving to the strongside position. This season, he will be in the role of middle-linebacker.

(Note: the name “Mike” goes with middle-linebacker, “Will” goes with weakside linebacker, and “Sam” goes with strongside linebacker).

Gerdeman also wrote about how Dante Booker, who opened last season as the weakside linebacker, is being moved to the strongside position this season. This move comes off the heels of Booker missing most of last season with knee injury. However, the true testament to Booker’s ability is this: Even though he missed a bunch of games, he’s bounced back to being the No. 1 strongside linebacker on the team.

At some places, you’re lucky to have a good linebacker – and are extremely fortunate if you have two – with experience. At Ohio State, the norm is a stacked roster that is not only talented, but has the experience in all facets of the position.

Land of 10 ranks the best Ohio State teams in history

Ben Axelrod breaks down Nos. 10-6,

With the offseason now reaching the middle summer months, the football season is getting closer and closer. This makes it the perfect time to look back at some of the history – and revisit some of the good ole days in Buckeye football.

Ben Axelrod at is doing just that, and he’s counting down the top 10 Ohio State football teams in history. (All of this coincides with the Big Ten turning 100 years old, too).

Today, Nos. 10-6 were unveiled – and there weren’t too many surprises. The National Champion team from 1957, a true blast from the past, found themselves on the list with the likes of Woody Hayes’ 1973 squad that finished the season undefeated, but with a tie to Michigan.

Additionally, recent teams like the 2015 squad cracked the top 10 list. We don’t want to spoil the rankings, just give you a sample of who’s on the list.

If you want to see how Axelrod has ranked Nos 10-6, you can click here.

“The elimination of two-a-day practices beginning with the 2017 season is playing a role in those discussion. As schools evaluate the effect of that change on their preseason schedules, a waiver is in place to permit schools to start their preseason practices up to seven days earlier than the rule allows.”

The NCAA on potential rule changes this season,

Going into the 2017 season, there may be some rule changes that get made involving how the college football season operates. While the NCAA is still in the early stages of looking at making changes, the biggest potential change would make a 14-week standardized season.

The elimination of two-a-day practices is helping fuel the talks of making more changes, as schools begin to evaluate the effects of having said two-a-days removed from the schedules. Moving forward, the committee would prefer to have the preseason start in August, which then sets up the next potential change: determining what is a season of competition.

Currently, if a student-athlete participates in competition (i.e. a game), then a season of competition has been used. A new rule change would allow for a student-athlete to participate in a select amount of games before the season is counted against eligibility.

We’ll keep you up to date if more proposed changes are brought up.