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Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg “a real candidate” to be next coach at Ohio State


NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, we learned that Chris Mack probably isn’t going to be a candidate to be Ohio State’s next coach. But according to one report, that doesn’t mean the Buckeyes aren’t going after some big names.

According to Gary Parrish of CBS, the Buckeyes are looking to Chicago, as Fred Hoiberg may be an option.

Hoiberg has struggled in his two years as head coach of the Bulls, leading Chicago to a first round exit at the hands of Boston, but how much of that is because of his coaching and how much is because of Chicago’s roster isn’t totally clear. But there are examples of coaches who weren’t successful in the NBA, but very successful in college.

And we already know Hoiberg can be successful in college. In five seasons at Iowa State, Hoiberg had an impressive 115-56 record, including four NCAA Tournament bids, and one Sweet 16 appearance. He was known for his liberal use of transfer players to bring in higher level talent to Ames, which isn’t an easy place to recruit, and for producing entertaining, offensive-focused basketball.

If the Buckeyes pick Hoiberg, they’re getting a man who knows how to develop talent, is familiar with the Midwest, and has experience with the highest level of basketball.

The Buckeyes also reportedly interviewed Chris Jent today. We’ll have more as this develops.