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4-star OT Max Wray ready to focus on football after flipped commitment

The Franklin, TN native brings depth and a big boost to the Buckeyes O-line. 

Max Wray

When four-star offensive tackle Max Wray made his first visit to Ohio State, it was to simply check off another box, leaving no stone unturned. That one visit, though, had a seismic impact on the Franklin, Tennessee native, as Wray decommitted from Georgia and joined OSU instead in April.

It was a decision that wasn't taken lightly and while he's glad his recruitment is finally over, Wray is even happier knowing that he's headed to the Buckeye State in 2018. In preparation for his senior season and a possible early enrollment at OSU, Wray spoke with us about his flipped commitment, the pressure of being recruited, and more.

Land-Grant Holy Land: You committed to Georgia but later changed your mind and decided on OSU instead. Why did you decommit?

Max Wray: The first time, we were just going up to check a box to make sure we weren’t missing anything. We just liked talking with Coach Meyer, the players, everybody else and all of that. It was everything we wanted in a school.

LGHL: What was going through your mind when you started seriously considering OSU as an option?

Wray: It just felt like home. Hanging out with the guys and everybody else, it felt awesome. Even talking to them and Coach Meyer, it shows that its more than just football for them. Me and my parents sat down and talked it over and thought this is the best decision for me as a football player and as a man.

LGHL: Being someone that flipped their commitment, you must've felt a fair amount of pressure. Did you enjoy being recruited?

Wray: I’ve never really been much of a fan. I didn’t like all the attention and I didn’t like taking visits all the time. Now I’m just excited to play football and workout, do normal kid stuff. When you’re not decided, there’s a lot of pressure from everyone you talk to and anyone that knows who you are.

LGHL: What role did your parents play in your final decision?

Wray: Honestly, me and my parents just sat down and just talked and said that we had better opportunities and that a lot had changed in the last year since I had committed. So, we just wanted to open it back up and make sure it was the best decision for me. I just thought it was a place that suited my personality and my family better, so that’s where we went.

LGHL: You've said that OSU's coaches have a vision for you. What plans do they have in store for you and what is your relationship with them like?

Wray: Well, me and Coach Studrawa are really tight. He’s an awesome guy and a really good coach. I’m really excited to work with him in the future. They basically told me, though, that they want me to come in and participate and compete as early as I can. They gave me an opportunity and it’s up to me to work for it.

LGHL: How are you preparing this summer, not only for you senior season in high school, but your eventual career as a Buckeye?

Wray: I’m coming off a knee injury, so I’m working out with my team in the mornings and twice a week I have to go to physical therapy. It’s going pretty well, we’re ahead of schedule, so I should be back for the season. I feel good, it was just a recurring thing that I had to get fixed before I came to Columbus. I’m taking an online class right now so I can graduate early. It’s kind of a grind right now.

LGHL: I doubt you grew up wanting to be a lineman. Were there any other positions you wanted to play growing up?

Wray: I was a quarterback until freshman year of high school. I played quarterback in flag football and I really loved it because I got to touch the ball every play. I was obviously a big kid growing up, so when I got to pee-wee, I was over the weight limit. I couldn’t touch the ball and had to go back to being a lineman. I went back to playing quarterback in middle school and then freshman year I moved to tight end and defensive end.

LGHL: Top 3 musical albums of the year in any genre. Go.

Wray: Oh God. I listen to a lot of music. I got to throw Zach Brown Band’s album (Welcome Home) in there, it’s super good. Young Thug’s album (Beautiful Thugger Girls), I like that. There’s been so many good albums lately. My last one is probably Culture by Migos.