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Start your week off right by seeing Taylor Decker wreck a Michigan man with a Twitter response

[x] rekt [ ] not rekt

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The year is 2017, and I still can’t believe that Twitter is still free. The reason why I say that: On Thursday, former Ohio State offensive tackle Taylor Decker went on Twitter and made a comment about headphones and getting a tattoo, a heckler on said website tweeted at Decker about trading in memorabilia for the tat a la Tattoo-gate, and Decker fired back with a comeback that we all dream about delivering.

Since there was some good, like the spot, updates on Ohio State basketball, as well as fun spot the difference puzzles last week, I, one of the managing editors at Land-Grant Holy Land, thought this story should be utilized as a solid pick-me-up heading into the new workweek.

Without further delay, the Twitter story:

The leadoff by Decker.

A question is asked about whether or not this tattoo in question is on the same shoulder that Decker just had repaired.

Then comes the Michigan man.

And then Decker comes in for the knockout tweet.

From 2012-2015, Decker was part of an undefeated team in Urban Meyer’s first season, a national championship team, and helped beat Michigan four times—getting those gold pants in the process.

After Decker’s response, more good tweets started to roll in. Here’s a couple of them:

I hope this helped make your Monday a tad better.