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Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Sr. are getting in the Ohio medical marijuana business

Helping football players with head trauma is just one reason the Smith & Ginn Sr. are opening a dispensary.

NCAA Football - Ohio State vs Illinois - November 4, 2006 Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

Troy Smith already blazed Michigan on the field, now, he wants to help you get blazed. As Tom Knox of Columbus Business First reported, the Heisman Trophy winner is partnering with his former high school coach Ted Ginn Sr. and former Cleveland Brown running back Eric Metcalf in an effort to launch a chain of marijuana dispensaries in the Cleveland area.

Following the passage of a medical marijuana law in 2016, the state of Ohio will be selecting 24 business owners to receive licenses to open the dispensaries from 185 applicants. The deadline to submit applications was June 30, and the selection process is now underway with hearings taking place in Reynoldsburg.

Knox reports that a Level I license, which allows proprietors to have up to 25,000 square feet of marijuana growing space, is extremely expensive, beginning with a $20,000 application fee.

Ohio patients with one of 20 different conditions can qualify to use the drug. Knox said that Smith told him that head trauma sustained during his playing career was one of the factors that interested him in the industry.

He went on to say on Twitter, “Troy Smith says marijuana can help college football players and players after their careers end. Dispensaries would be in Cleveland area.”

Research has ramped up over the past year with regard to how THC and medical marijuana can help former athletes overcome head trauma from concussions along with pain management. Instead of enabling an opioid treatment plan, some are looking at the potential benefits of weed.