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Vegas has new projected win totals for Ohio State, rest of Big Ten teams

The Buckeyes at 10.5 projected wins is best in the Big Ten, according to Bovada.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is getting closer, which means Las Vegas is gearing up and releasing their projected win total over/under odds. Bovada, a sportsbook, laid out the list of odds for all 130 teams in college football.

Below are a list of projected win totals for Big Ten teams:

Big Ten Projected Win Totals

Team Projected Win Totals Money Line
Team Projected Win Totals Money Line
Ohio State 10.5 Over: -150, Under +120
Wisconsin 9.5 Over: -150, Under +120
Penn State 9.5 Over -130, Under EVEN
Michigan 9 Over -130, Under EVEN
Northwestern 8 Over -130, Under EVEN
Minnesota 7.5 Over +120, Under -150
Nebraska 7 Over -130, Under EVEN
Iowa 6.5 Over -140, Under +110
Michigan State 6.5 Over +160, Under -200
Indiana 6 Over -130, Under EVEN
Illinois 3.5 Over +105, Under -135
Maryland 3.5 Over -130, Under EVEN
Rutgers 3 Over -135, Under +105
Purdue 2.5 Over -135, Under +105

The money line portion of the table describes what the payout is on the bet. For example: if you bet $150 (on the money line, it appears as -150) on Ohio State to win over 10.5 games, you would get your $150 back, plus an additional $100. If you bet the under, meaning you thought they would win less than 10.5 games, a $100 dollar bet would net you an additional $120 (on the money line, it appears as +120).