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4-star SG Torrence Watson brings versatility, scoring to Ohio State

The St. Louis native can get buckets for the Buckeyes.

Torrence Watson

Ohio State has been lacking in players that can get buckets. It’s essentially the reason the team has fallen off in recent years.

Enter future Buckeye, four-star shooting guard Torrence Watson.

A St. Louis native, Watson is a true scorer and averaged nearly 29 points per game for the Whitfield Warriors as a junior. He’s rated as the No. 100 overall prospect in the 2018 class and is the No. 23-ranked shooting guard.

Watson decided to follow coach Chris Holtmann to Columbus when he left Butler, and likely wouldn’t have committed to OSU had it not been for Holtmann. In preparation for his senior season, Watson spoke with us about his innate scoring ability, Holtmann’s influence, and more.

(Note: Remarks lightly edited for clarity.)

Land-Grant Holy Land: You’re known as a scorer and averaged almost 29 points per game, earning All-Metro honors. How would you describe your game?

Torrence Watson: I can score the ball, whether than means getting to the basket, pulling up for a jump shot, or shooting from long range. I bring versatility and am able to score on all three levels.

LGHL: You can get buckets, but your handles are another one of your strengths. Would you be comfortable playing point guard at OSU?

Watson: Yes, I definitely would be. My last high school season, I took on a more dominant role handling the ball. It wouldn’t be much of a problem at OSU. In high school and AAU, I moved to the three a lot. I’m comfortable playing the one, two and three.

LGHL: You’re the No. 23-ranked shooting guard in the nation and had quite a few offers before deciding on OSU. Did you have a tough time making a final decision?

Watson: I think everything was fairly enjoyable. It’s just a blessing to have schools and coaches want you, call you, text your phone all of the time. At the same time, towards the end, it definitely became a hard decision. I had built so many great relationships with so many coaches and programs, so it was hard to choose just one.

LGHL: Coach Holtmann was heavily involved in your recruitment while he was at Butler, and that continued when he came to OSU. How did his involvement impact your commitment?

Watson: He was very heavily involved. Ever since Butler, I think he’s been recruiting me for about two years now. Him and coach [Mike] Schrage have been dedicated to recruiting me and building a relationship with me. So I definitely felt comfortable choosing OSU.

LGHL: How’s your relationship with the Buckeyes coaching staff?

Watson: We have a great relationship. I’ve talked with Coach Holtmann and Coach Schrage just about everyday for the past two weeks. Before my commitment, I’d talk with them every other day. Our relationship is really strong. I also talk weekly with some of the assistants.

LGHL: You made a few visits to OSU and they were enough to sell you on the school and the basketball program. What were those visits like?

Watson: My first visit, we went to a football game. Any 17-year-old kid that goes to an OSU football game is going to love it. My second visit, I really got to see the school and meet the athletic director, all the coaches, managers and players. It just felt like the place that I should be.

LGHL: I spoke with Musa Jallow recently and he decided to reclassify for the 2017 class. Is that something you’ve thought about doing?

Watson: That’s not something I’ve thought about. In high school, we went to the Final Four the past two years and haven’t won yet, so I was planning on this being the year.

LGHL: What does your preparation schedule look like as you head into your final year in high school?

Watson: One thing I’ve been working on a lot is making my three-point shot more consistent. I’m building my body up right now and I’m also working on my footwork.

LGHL: Top 3 albums of the year?

Watson: I’m a really big Lil Yachty fan, so his latest album, Teenage Emotions. Then I’d probably go with Lil Uzi Vert’s Luv is Rage 2 and Migos’ Culture. Oh, and “XO TOUR Llif3,” I think it’s the greatest song ever made. It’s by Uzi.