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‘It’d take a lot for me to decommit:’ 5-star QB Emory Jones stands by Ohio State

It won’t be long before the Georgia native is suiting up for the Scarlet and Gray.

Emory Jones

Ohio State has enjoyed a good run on the recruiting trail in recent years when it comes to bringing in elite quarterbacks.

That trend is set to continue with five-star, dual-threat quarterback Emory Jones.

When Jones signs with OSU in December or February, he’ll be the highest-rated signal-caller coach Urban Meyer has brought to Columbus. The Georgia native has 21 offers, including southern powerhouses Alabama and Florida.

Jones is still visiting schools, but remains intent on being a future Buckeye. He took some time to talk with us here at Land-Grant Holy Land about his Friday Night Lights experience, why he stands by OSU, and more.

(Note: Remarks lightly edited for clarity.)

Land-Grant Holy Land: You were just at OSU’s annual Friday Night Lights in Columbus. What was that experience like for you?

Emory Jones: It was great to get back to Columbus and go to Friday Night Lights. The main thing I was going there to do was just to get coached up and to get in some of the meetings and interact with the quarterbacks. I learned some of the offense, so it was a start.

LGHL: You’ve also been invited to other events and camps. What does that say about you as a quarterback?

Jones: It’s a blessing just having those accolades to my name. Going out and doing big things at those camps and events, it’s big for me. I’m just blessed to be in this position to have the chance to go to things like that.

LGHL: It’s no secret that you’ve been one of the more highly sought after recruits this year. Have you enjoyed the whole recruiting process?

Jones: It’s been pretty good. Coming in, I committed early and I got a lot of offers early. Since I committed, it’s slowed down a little bit, but that’s only until you get deeper into the time when you’re trying to actually go to their school. It’s starting to pick back up now.

LGHL: With you still making visits to other schools, a lot of fans are pretty skeptical as to if you’ll actually remain committed to OSU. What do you say to those who question the strength of your commitment?

Jones: I’ve committed to OSU and it’d take a lot for me to decommit. It’s just a tough decision to make, coming from a teenager and telling your coaches and all that. That’s a tough decision to make, so I think it would take a lot for me to make a decision like that. I’m going to take some visits just to make sure OSU is the right school because I didn’t have that chance before I committed.

LGHL: Is it difficult for you to stay focused with so much going on with your recruitment?

Jones: It depends what your focus is and how mature you are. I’m a mature dude, so I try to focus on the things that I need to focus on, like school and all that, but I know I have to focus on recruiting. I split things up. So, I think I do a good job of doing that.

LGHL: It’s been almost a year since you injured your shoulder last October. How’s it feeling these days?

Jones: It healed up pretty good. I’ve been throwing really well. When I throw a lot of days back-to-back, it’ll start getting sore and start bugging me a bit, but as of right now, it’s fine.

LGHL: Is there anything you’ve been working on with your senior year and collegiate career coming up?

Jones: Mainly, I’ve been focusing on the mental part of the game, knowing all the defenses and all of the coverages, stuff like that. I’ve been going deeper into my playbook and just knowing where my receivers are. I want to be that type of quarterback that knows what my linemen are supposed to do. I’m just looking more into the mental part of the game so I can clear some things up.

LGHL: Do you have a favorite quarterback or someone you model your game after?

Jones: I don’t have a quarterback that I model my game after, but my favorite pro quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. I like the way he moves around in the pocket. He makes the most difficult throws. I feel like I’m the type of quarterback that can do things like that.

LGHL: Kyrie Irving reportedly asked to be traded away from the Cavs. Is that a good idea?

Jones: I’m a LeBron fan. I’m not even going to say that I’m a Cavs fan, I’m a LeBron fan. I don’t really think Kyrie should go anywhere, he should stay put. He takes more shots than LeBron, but he says he wants the ball in his hands more. I feel like when LeBron has the ball in his hands, he scores and does good things, so it shouldn’t be a problem.