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Ohio State punter Drue Chrisman is a water bottle flipping legend

Chrisman put the greatest collection of water bottle flips on Twitter.

Drue Chrisman
Ohio State Athletics

When dealing with Ohio State football, the word ‘legend’ isn’t used lightly. But Ohio State redshirt freshman punter Drue Chrisman has reached legendary status, as he has assembled the greatest water bottle flips that the Internet has ever seen.

Take a look.

Chrisman outdoes himself on every flip. Arguably, his greatests are the flip on the bridge and the basketball shot, followed by the water bottle shot through the hoop—which ended with the bottle landing on its base, then sliding down the incline.

On the gridiron, Chrisman is expected to be the go-to guy for punts this season. In the 2016 recruiting class, 247sports named Chrisman as the No. 1 kicker. If his water flipping skills are anything like his punting skills, the Buckeyes are gonna be in great shape this season.