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We know The Spot is Good, but can you spot the differences in these photos?

Spot the Differences, our newest edition to weekend Land-Grant Holy Land content.

Geoff Hammersley

Here at Land-Grant Holy Land, we believe in pushing the envelope in creating good (like the spot) content.

Speaking of the spot, we are breaking out some of our new content that involves spotting the differences in each of the below pairs of photos. You can do this from a tablet, computer, or even print it out.

Without further adieu, our newest edition to the weekend content lineup at LGHL: Spot the Differences.


There are 10 differences to find. If you want an enhanced version of the photos, click here.

Ohio Stadium (Nov. 28, 2014): Joey Bosa prepares to make a sack attempt
Geoff Hammersley


There are 10 really hard differences to find. If you would like an enhanced version of the photos, click here.

Michigan Stadium (Nov. 28, 2015): The aftermath of Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes getting their first win against a Jim Harbaugh coached Michigan squad.
Geoff Hammersley

Find them all? If you didn’t, don’t worry. The answers are just a click away.

Answers to Puzzles

Easy (click here)

Hard (click here)