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Ezekiel Elliott gets 6-game NFL suspension, per report

The NFL has finally finished their investigation and have made a decision about the former Ohio State running back.

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott has been in the news a lot over the past few months, but it really all began just after he was drafted in 2016 at No. 4 overall to the Dallas Cowboys. After over a year of investigating the initial alleged domestic violence incident, the NFL has finally handed down their punishment, a 6-game suspension.

Charges were never filed against Elliott following the alleged assault in July 2016, with the Columbus City Attorney’s Office citing conflicting and inconsistent evidence. The prosecutor’s office would only say there wasn’t enough evidence for a conviction, not that Elliott committed no wrongdoing.

The July incident marked the second time the same woman called police against the running back; the first being in Florida back in February 2016, as later reported by Sports Illustrated. Again, Elliott was never arrested due to lack of evidence and witnesses.

Elliott finished up his rookie season without facing any league punishment, but proceeded to make headlines. In March 2017, Elliott was recorded pulling down a woman’s top during a St. Patrick’s Day parade, and last month was allegedly involved in a bar fight with a bouncer at a Dallas club.